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Long-distance hiking routes in Zillertal

One of the most beautiful ways to get to know the Zillertal is on one of the many long-distance hiking routes. Long-distance hiking means getting to know the region and yourself while you’re walking. You will cross flowering Alpine meadows, go past rippling brooks and raging waterfalls, craggy rocks and lonely mountain peaks.

One-day and multi-day tours with lots of opportunities to access the route allow even less experienced amateur athletes the chance to experience the breathtaking panorama.


The Berlin High Trail

The Berlin High Trail is a customisable, multi-day tour (up to 7 days) starting in Mayrhofen and leading through seven mountain huts from the Gams Hut to the Karl-von-Edel Hut through the heart of the High Alps Nature Park of the Zillertaler Alps up to a height of 3,134 m. An exciting natural landscape with glaciers, lakes and alps accompany you on the high alps route over the main ridge of the Alps and makes it an unforgettable experience! Particularly well-known are the Berlin Hut and the lofty summits of the Zillertal and Tuxer main ridges, like the Hochfeiler at 3,509 m, the Großer Möseler at 3,478 m and the Olperer with 3,476 m.

The hike on the Berlin High Trail is achievable for hikers who feel confident in high Alpine regions. Good equipment, stamina, surefootedness and a head for heights for some passages and hiking experience are important. Generally, you will not need any climbing equipment, pickaxes or climbing irons; difficult parts are secured. We recommend taking a GPS device although this is not compulsory. All the paths are well signposted and visible in good weather. Do not forget about the sudden changes in weather, which can even bring snow in the summer.

The stages
Stage 1: Finkenberg - Gamshütte
Stage 2: Gamshütte - Friesenberghaus
Stage 3: Friesenberghaus - Olpererhütte
Stage 4: Olpererhütte - Furtschaglhaus
Stage 5: Furtschaglhaus - Berliner Hütte
Stage 6: Berliner Hütte - Greizer Hütte
Stage 7: Greizer Hütte - Kasseler Hütte
Stage 8: Kasseler Hütte - Edelhütte

You can easily check out availability and book stays at the mountain huts using the new online reservation system for Alpine Association mountain huts. Only the Berlin Hut still has to be reserved by email or telephone. You will find direct links for booking overnight stays at huts in the mountains or valleys below.

Hochgebirgs-Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen
Ginzling 239
6295 Ginzling

+43 5286 52181

Berliner Hütte im ZillertalWandern Berliner Hütte ZillertalWandern Berliner Hütte ZillertalBerliner Hütte im ZillertalWandern Olperer Hütte ZillertalOlperer Hütte Zillertal

Peter Habeler Route

Since his childhood, Alpine professor Peter Habeler has been closely connected with the Zillertal Alps. He conquered five eight-thousanders, including being the first to climb Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen with Reinhold Messner. However, the famous Mayrhofen-born mountaineer considered the most beautiful summits to be at home in the Zillertal. And so on the occasion of his 70th birthday, the new Peter Habeler Route was named after him, and has been an added attraction to the Zillertal mountain world since this summer.

The approx. 56 km long circular hike with an elevation of 4,990 m and a descent of 4,980 m leads via 6 huts (Geraer Hütte, Tuxerjochhaus, Friesenberghaus, Olpererhütte, Tuxerjochhaus, Landshuter Europa-Hütte) through the high-alpine landscape on the main ridge of the Alps. The routes have hiking times of 2.5 to 8 hours with different levels of difficulty and lead over easy terrain such as alpine meadows and gravel as well as over rock, moraine and scree, with and without summit ascents. 

Whether you take the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, the aim is to circumnavigate the peaks of the western Zillertal Alps. You can choose to start from the mountaineering village of Ginzling in the Zillertal or St. Jodok with Schmirn (Toldern and Kasern) and Vals in the Wipptal. You can also set off directly from the Brenner Pass or from the Pfitschtal, from the Schlegeis basin or from the Hintertux. All valley localities can be accessed with public transport (rail or urban bus).

The stages
Stage 1: Geraer Hütte - Tuxerjochhaus
Stage 2: Tuxerjochhaus - Friesenberghaus
Stage 3: Friesenberghaus - Olpererhütte
Stage 4: Olpererhütte - Pfitscherjochhaus
Stage 5: Pfitscherjochhaus - Landshuter Europa-Hütte
Stage 6: Landshuter Europa-Hütte - Geraer Hütte

Tourismusverband Mayrhofen-Hippach
Dursterstraße 225
6290 Mayrhofen

+43 5285 6760

Peter Habeler Runde ZillertalWandern Peter Habeler im ZillertalWandern Peter Habeler im ZillertalPeter Habeler Runde ZillertalPeter Habeler Runde ZillertalWandern Olperer Hütte Zillertal

The Peter Habeler Route can be booked as a whole or part package.

The Trans-Alpine Crossing


The Alpine Crossing is a 7-day hiking route from the idyllic Lake Tegernsee at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps via Lake Achensee, also known as the Fjord of the Alps, and the famous Zillertal to Sterzing, the northernmost village of Italy.
A route which prioritises the natural and cultural experience and culinary enjoyment.

The Alpine Crossing is a 7-day hiking route from the idyllic Lake Tegernsee at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps via Lake Achensee, also known as the Fjord of the Alps, and the famous Zillertal to Sterzing, the northernmost village of Italy.
A route which prioritises the natural and cultural experience and culinary enjoyment. The route from Lake Tegernsee via Lake Achensee and the Zillertal to Sterzing runs through grandiose and diverse landscapes on easy to moderate trails. You can spend the night in the localities along the trail. Guesthouses, B&Bs and hotels of all categories allow a relaxing sleep so that you can fully enjoy the next day. A week of enjoyable hiking, from the traditional Bavarian culture, through Tyrol’s hospitality to South Tyrol’s wine. Some sections are covered by bus, train, boat or cable car.

The stages
Stage 1: Gmund - Wildbad Kreuth
Stage 2: Wildbad Kreuth - Achenkirch
Stage 3: Achenkirch - Maurach
Stage 4: Maurach - Hochfügen
Stage 5: Hochfügen - Mayrhofen
Stage 6: Mayrhofen - Pfitsch
Stage 7: Pfitsch - Sterzing

The Alpine Crossing can also be booked as an organised tour – with or without luggage transportation, guided and non-guided.

Die Alpenüberquerung Etappe 4 ZillertalDie Alpenüberquerung Etappe 4 ZillertalDie Alpenüberquerung Etappe 4 ZillertalDie Alpenüberquerung Etappe 5 ZillertalDie Alpenüberquerung Etappe 6 ZillertalDie Alpenüberquerung Etappe 6 Zillertal

Men on a Mission Tour


Real men” can do it (and women too, of course!)

Enjoy the breathtaking mountain landscape of the Zillertal Arena – and give yourself a challenge at the same time. Günther Hauser, Managing Director of the Zell-Gerlos Tourism Association, has put together a phenomenal tour for this summer. 

Conquer over 3,000 vertical metres in four days. “Men on a Mission” in the Zillertal Arena – reach your peak!

Tourismusverband Zell-Gerlos, Zillertal Arena

Dorfplatz 3a
6280 Zell im Zillertal
+43 5282 2281

Mannsbilder Tour KolmhausMannsbilder Tour KolmhausMannsbilder Tour KolmhausMannsbilder Tour Zittauer HütteMannsbilder Tour Zittauer HütteMannsbilder Tour Zittauer Hütte

Women on a Mission Tour

The resounding success of our ‘Real Men Tour’ in the Zillertal Arena promoted those responsible to initiate a similarly challenging tour for women. So, listen up all you sporty girls out there! If you’re fit and active and have a good head for heights, then this is the tour for you! The aim of the hiking tour is basically the same as that of the ‘Real Men Tour’ – lots of fun and a memorable mountain experience – oh yes, and of course a spot of relaxation in a spa hotel too! Over a period of four days the tour takes you to some of the most awe-inspiring and scenically beautiful areas in the Zillertal Alps.

Tourismusverband Zell-Gerlos, Zillertal Arena

Dorfplatz 3a
6280 Zell im Zillertal
+43 5282 2281

Weibsbilder Tour RichterhütteWeibsbilder Tour RainbachtalWeibsbilder Tour Bärschlagalm Gerlos StauseeWeibsbilder Tour Alpengasthof FinkauWeibsbilder Tour Abstieg RichterhütteWeibsbilder Tour Aufstieg Richterhütte

Around the Reichenspitze

The spectacular views just keep coming on this multi-day hike. Enjoy!

From the Zillergrund reservoir to the Plauener Hütte: Bus number 8328 will conveniently take you from Mayrhofen to the dam at the Zillergrund reservoir via Bärenbad. From there, a spectacular ascent up switchbacks to the Plauener Hütte awaits – with a constant view of the reservoir’s turquoise water. Along the Zillerplattenscharte pass (2,880 m) to the Richterhütte: The route from the Plauener Hütte takes you along level ground towards the Heilig-Geist-Jöchl before bearing left to the Zillerplattenscharte pass (2,880 m) with breathtaking views of the Eissee lake. Continue over alpine terrain to the Windbachscharte pass (2,694 m) and the end point of this stage – the Richterhütte. Along the Roßkarscharte pass (2,689 m) to the Zittauer Hütte: Heading out of the valley, you reach the Roßkarscharte pass after a two-hour ascent and walk past glacial striations and down steps to the Zittauer Hütte with its crystal clear lake. A brief swim refreshes both your body and mind. Descent from the Zittauer Hütte to the Durlaßboden reservoir (1,400 m): From the Zittauer Hütte, the route winds its way along the river through the Wildgerlostal valley to Finkau and along the Durlaßboden reservoir to the dam. From there, simply hop on bus number 4094 back to Mayrhofen.


Important: the best time of year for this hike is from mid-June to early September. This can naturally vary depending on the weather conditions and you should ideally check with the lodge keeper, tourism association or online.

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