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Geocaching in Zillertal

You think that a paper chase is only a long-forgotten childhood adventure? Far from it! The good old treasure hunt is now experiencing a modern revival via GPS: Geocaching is a modern outdoor hobby which has cast its spell on over four million people across the world (strong upward trend). Zillertal is one of the most interesting regions for discovering the beauty of nature via GPS, together with the whole family – here, geocaching is an unforgettable experience. Exciting adventures guaranteed!

Here is how to get seized by geocaching fever, step by step : 

  • Registration at (free basic membership)
  • If you have a smartphone, you can download the app and then use it offline in Zillertal (NB: You must pre-synchronise the desired caches)
  • Select a geocache which corresponds to your personal abilities – a difficult hike, or a simple adventure?
  • Remember to wear functional clothes, to carry water and snacks with you as well as maps and other equipment as required.
  • As a personal safety precaution tell someone else where you are going.
  • Mark the starting point or your car as a waypoint so that you can find your way back.
  • Take friends and family with you, meet other geocachers and exchange experiences.
  • Use the GPS device or your smartphone to find the best way to reach the starting point for the actual cache search.
  • Remember: Distances may be misleading! Although the most important information is contained in each cache description, you may still have to search for paths, cross rivers or overcome other obstacles.
  • Make an entry in the logbook which will be found in the cache, and then hide it again in the same place. If you can't find it – just think where you would have hidden the cache yourself, pay attention to the hints in the cache description and, if necessary, log in a "DNF" (not found).
  • Register your find in the "log" and perhaps record the experiences you had on the way. You can also upload a couple of photos.

You can find a list of all the caches in Zillertal at

We wish you exciting adventures and wonderful nature experiences with hiking boots and GPS in Zillertal!

Geocaching im Zillertal
Geocaching im Zillertal
Geocaching im Zillertal
Geocaching im Zillertal
Geocaching im Zillertal
Geocaching im Zillertal
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