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Run & Walk Park
Bild run_walk_park_norbert_freudenthaler_01.jpg
<b>Past fragrant meadows, through shady forests and right up to the high alpine regions.</b><br /><br />Guests to the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday resort this summer enjoy a particularly attractive choice of running and walking activities with the <b>Run &amp; Walk Park.</b><br /><br />Fitness enthusiasts can take off into the stunning alpine landscapes of Zillertal on a total of <b>eight diverse routes</b>. The running and Nordic walking trails have been designed to lead you through the unspoilt countryside of Mayrhofen and Hippach. The real showpiece of the Run &amp;&nbsp;Walk Park is without doubt the Harakiri-Hill<b>, at 78% gradient</b> it is one of the most challenging cross country routes in the whole of Tirol. Even experienced runners will find this particular stretch to be a real test of stamina. More information can be found in our <link file:12693 _blank download "Initiates file download">Run &amp; Walk Brochure</link>.<br /><br /><i>Walking and running in Mayrhofen – the new Run &amp; Walk Park in the midst of stunning natural landscapes offers you just the right sporting challenge.</i><br /><br />Plan your<b> individual running routes</b> with the<b> <link _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">INTERACTIVE RUNNING MAP</link></b>.
High Rope Course
Bild hochseilgarten-bild-mountain-sports_01.jpg
The <b>high rope course</b> in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region is located in the <b>romantic Zemmschlucht</b> Gorge in Zillertal. It has been constructed around natural trees to fit in with the natural environment, at the edge of a ravine. The rope course was designed and built in its entirety by our mountain guides according to the latest European rope course specifications <b>34 exercises</b> in varying levels of difficulty require a certain level of self confidence. Impressive Drops of up to 88 metres into the Zemmschlucht gorge will demand your complete attention. <b>3 120 metre long zip lines</b> provide access from station to station, or your descent to the forest floor. <br /><br /><b>Location:</b> B 169 – in the direction of Ginzling – 200 m to the rear of the former Gasthof Jochberg, parking available<br /><br /><b>INFO &amp; BOOKINGS for the various tours:</b><br /><b>Mountain Sports</b>, Tel.: +43 664 3120266<br /><link - mail "Opens window for sending email"></link><br /><link _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window"></link><br /><br />
Kayak, Rafting, Canyoning
Bild rafting-ziller-bild-action-club_01.jpg
<b>RAFTING</b> - An adventure sport which combines experiencing nature, sporty action and team spirit. The only prerequisite for this sport is the ability to swim. You will be introduced to all the other &quot;Rafting Secrets&quot; before the fun begins on the raging rapids!<br /><br /><b>CANYONING</b> - Canyons and gorges can be found on the outskirts of Mayrhofen, well away from standard walking trails. The only way to get through these is by climbing, swimming or abseiling! The route leading to a safe exit point leads past thundering waterfalls, over gigantic rocks and through crystal clear mountain waters. <b>Canyoning tours are offered daily by various outdoor sport providers.</b> <b>KAYAK</b> - Mayrhofen gained a reputation in European sporting circles as early as the 1950's with the national and international white water championships. The stretch of river from Hochsteg to Gasthof Zillertal is considered to be particularly difficult, providing a real challenge for the canoe elite! <b>▲ <link,4800 _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">Outdoor sport providers in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region.</link><br /></b>
Tennis & Squash
Bild tennis_pfeiffer_mike_01.jpg
<b>Ball sports in Mayrhofen-Hippach</b><br /><b><br />TENNIS</b><br />Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday resort is well equipped for tennis enthusiasts with <b>8 clay courts, 5 outdoor and 2 indoor courts.</b><br />Tennis lessons for beginners or club players, team training, guest tournaments..... all this and more offered by the various tennis providers in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday resort.<b><br /><br />▲ <link,4806 _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">Tennis providers in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region</link><br /></b> <br /><b>SQUASH</b><br />Squash fan? You can play to your heart's content on the courts at Hotel Berghof und and Hotel Strass. <ul><li><b>Hotel Berghof</b>, Dursterstraße 220, 6290 Mayrhofen, Tel. +43 5285 62254</li><li><b>Fun &amp; Spa Hotel Strass</b>, Hauptstraße 457, 6290 Mayrhofen, Tel. +43 5285 6705</li></ul>
Hunting & Fishing
Bild jagen-bild-ursula-aichner_01.jpg
<b>HUNTING OPPORTUNITIES in and around the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region.</b><br />If you have ever dreamed of hunting in a natural paradise, then you have just found the perfect spot. Mayrhofen is located at the gateway of the Zillertal Alps Nature Reserve and on the cusp of four subsidiary valleys that branch away from this holiday resort. This unique location means that untouched natural landscapes can be found within close proximity. Hunting is permitted in designated areas at certain times. Please note that these specific conditions must be observed. <b>Hunting permits available from:</b><b> <br />* Pension Almhof</b>, Tel.: +43 5285 62932, Jagdgebiet Noverten im Stillup<b> <br />* Ferienhof Mauerhaus</b>, Tel.: +43 5285 62378, Jagdgebiet im Zillergrund<b> <br />* Gasthof Perauer</b>, Tel.: +43 5285 62378, Jagdgebiet Hundskehljoch im Zillergrund<b> <br />* Hubers Urlaubsdomizile</b>, Tel.: +43 5285 63431, Jagdgebiet Hundskehlgrund im Zillergrund<br /><br /> <b>FISHING - in Mayrhofen and Hippach.</b><br />Whether fishing on the waters of the Ziller River or at a beautiful lake. Here you can relax and concentrate on the task in hand. We wish you a &quot;good catch!&quot;<br />&nbsp;<br /><b>Fishing permits available from: <br />* </b><b>Kröll Hermann</b>, Tel.: +43 5285 62581, Schlegeisspeicher &amp; Zemmbach<b> <br />* Kröll Martin</b>, Tel.: +43 5285 63793, Schlegeisspeicher &amp; Zemmbach<b> <br />* Alpenhotel Kramerwirt</b> (Angelmöglichkeiten für Hausgäste), Tel.: +43 5285 6700<b> <br />* Hotel Neuhaus</b> (Angelmöglichkeiten für Hausgäste), Tel.: +43 5285 6703<b> <br />* Gasthof Thanner</b> (Angelmöglichkeiten für Hausgäste), Tel.: +43 5285 62376
Riding & Sleigh Rides
Bild reiten-bild-kiendlerhof_01.jpg
The greatest holiday happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse... You can ride on horseback through the countryside or take a romantic sleigh ride. A <b>horse drawn sleigh ride</b> or trail ride through the Mayrhofen Hippach holiday resort in Zillertal could be the high point of your holiday. <ul><li><b>Kiendlerhof Stables</b><br />Sleigh rides<br />Schormis 100 - 6283 Schwendau,<br /> Tel.: +43 5282 3660 - <link _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window"><br /><br /></link></li><li><b>Wechselberger</b> <b>Stables</b><br />Sleigh rides, pony rides &amp; trail rides<br />6290 Mayrhofen, Tel.: +43 5285 63350 - <link - mail "Opens window for sending email"></link> </li></ul>
Target Shooting
Bild bogensport-_aktivzentrum-zillertal_01.jpg
<ul><li><b>New 3D HUNTING BOW COURSE in Zillertal</b><br />This <b>3D course next to the Talbach Waterfall in Zillertal </b>is undoubtedly unique. The facility is currently around 1 hectare in size and equipped with 21 fabulous 3D figures, as well as real hunting trails, representing a bona fide hunting bow &amp; arrow hunting experience. &quot;Kills&quot; from 7 m Lookout stand * great 3D animal replicas * real forest-hunting grounds. Sturdy footwear and sure-footedness required.<b><br /><br />Open daily - reservations under</b> Tel.: +43 664 3139800 or <link _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window"><br /><br /></link></li><li><b>ARCHERY</b><br />Equipped with a bow and arrow you&quot;ll not only hit the bull&quot;s eye, but experience a huge amount of fun while you&quot;re having a go.<b> Action-Club-Zillertal </b>are on hand to help you with advice and support. Bows, arrows and all the relevant equipment are provided! <link _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window"><br />More information on archery...<br /><br /></link></li><li><b>CLAY PIGEON and AIR RIFLE SHOOTING<br />Raiffeisenclub </b><b>Clay Pigeon Shooting </b>on the plateau next to the Harpfner Wand Tunnel <br />(in the direction of Ginzling) every Saturday from April to October from 14 hrs,<br /> Tel.: +43 664 5237524 (Eberl Reinhard)<br /><b><b>Air Rifle Shooting</b> at the Erlebnisbad Mayrhofen shooting range</b><br />every Thursday in July &amp; August from 20 hrs</li></ul>

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